Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Massive Update to WHFBSkirmish conversion to SBH!

I have now converted 33 WHFBSkirmish scenarios and 45 Mordheim ones to Song of Blades and Heroes!  That's 78 new scenarios!

#1. Get it here:

#2. Go have some fun.

Friday, August 31, 2012

New Campaign Setting for SBH

So, my group made a setting for our most recent campaign.  We decided we may as well put it online, in case anyone else wants to play in it.  We are now in the process of making a series of narrative scenarios set in this world.

Go here to download  "Blight"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Refereed Scenario Generator

If you want to write a refereed scenario, but don't have any ideas, you can roll up a quick plot idea on this chart.  It should be enough to get your imagination going so you can flesh out the idea into a story.  Then fill in the story on your refereed scenario templates.

Download Refereed Scenario Generator

This sheet is heavily inspired by the generator tables in Flashing Steel and this one by Ralph Mazzo.

Event Cards for SBH

It's great when you have 3 players for a 2 player game, so 1 Player can referee the game and throw in unexpected events, plot twists, and surprises.

See my sheets for designing refereed scenarios

But when you don't have a referee, you can use Event Cards.  These cards will allow players to cause surprises and changes to happen in the middle of a battle.

Event Cards Download

The idea comes from an old Necromunda supplement by Andy Chambers, Jervis Johnson, and David Moretti.

Every time we play, we invent another 2 or 3.  The current count is 30 - our goal is 52 (so you can use a regular deck of cards and print on label paper).

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Refereed Scenario Design Sheet

I'm a big advocate for Refereed scenarios in skirmish games.  Here is a little sheet to use when making them.  It may be familiar for you old folks who played original Rogue Trader 40k, but it works well for any skirmish game.  It's currently labeled for SBH, but don't be fooled.

Download V0.8

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Update to WHFB conversion!

A massive update to the file containing the conversion of WarHammer Fanstasy Battle Skirmish to Song of Blades and Heroes. (Almost 40 Scenarios!)

Get it Here.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Converting WHFB Skirmish to SBH

Big update coming. Stay tuned. Should bring the number of converted scenarios to well over 20 (30 if I have the time).

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Unified 40k Unit List for Flying Lead

I'm currently assembling a giant master unit list for using 40k models to play Flying Lead - in the spirit of 1st.Edition Rogue Trader.  To see our progress, or to join the project (anyone with good 40k experience and Flying Lead experience is welcome on the project) come over to the forums:

40k For Flying Lead

Forum hosted by a friend of mine.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Warhammer Skirmish

In the Song of Blades and Heroes section (for lack of a better place to put it) I have uploaded every single page Games Workshop ever printed for Warhammer Skirmish and Warhammer Warband in one GIANT Pdf file.  It has all the rules you need, and over 80 scenarios. 

Play this lost masterpiece and mourn it's lack of support from Games Workshop.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

New GM template

All you pulp GMs who have just been dying to have a quick and dirty way to make telegram props for you player, check out the GM Tools section.

I play to make a few variations from the major companies, but for now, that will do.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Stupid Life Junk

Sorry for the lack of posts recently.  Life got all up in the way (Life and a little Diablo 3), but rest assured, I have much more information for the digital GM coming down the pipe.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Dicenomicon Review: Digital Dice?


Dicenomicon is a physics based dice roller app for the iPad & iPhone. I believe it's
Universal (one purchase works for both versions, always a sign of a quality company).
The cost fluctuates, but tends to sit around 5 bucks. I will mostly focus on the iPad
version, although both are pretty much identical. The only real difference is the interface
is a bit condensed on the iPhone. It takes a few more taps to get where you are going,
but it really doesn't hurt the user experience - most of the focus is still on the dice
themselves and the most screen real estate is given to that.

There are other visual dice rollers out there, but, in my experience, none have even half
the capability of Dicenomicon. I've heard of non-visual rollers that have the same power,
but if I'm going to use a roller, I want to closest possible experience to actually rolling
dice. Technology should simplify, not completely alter an experience.

UPDATE: Looks like they are working on an OSx version - that is fantastic. According to their forum, it will be able to import "Game Rooms" from the iOS device to the OSx machine.

UPDATE 2: Got a message from the developer, they are working on Local Sharing and other forms of distributing your custom content. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Let's talk about NPC names.

I worry that often times NPC names don't get the treatment they deserve. This can happen for a number of reasons; maybe you didn't expect the players to make a hardware store run, or didn't expect them to become buddies with the cashier. However it happens, when we have the time to name an NPC in advance we should acknowledge how important a thing a name is to creating memorable people.

In Depth DM Tool Kit Review

DMToolkit V. 1.42


I've been using DM Toolkit as my exclusive GMing software for over a year now and decided it was time to write an in depth review.  DM Toolkit is an iOS app published by Level99.  It costs  $12.99, which I'll admit is a bit steep compared to most offerings in the App store, but when I compare the amount of time it's saved me and the price I would have spent on binders and printing, I feel it's fair (as long as they keep updating it like they have been).

Now, this review is going to focus solely on the iPad version of the app (it is universal, though - so your 12 bucks get you the iPhone and iPad version).  Although it is the same high quality piece of software for both devices, it is just plain too complex and powerful to flow nicely on the tiny screen of the iPhone (you have to return to the Apps home screen to get to any other part of the app).  I use the iPhone version for those moments when I get a great game idea while waiting in line some place; then I transfer the file to my iPad for fixing, cleaning up, and actually running in the game.  The workflow on the iPhone will frustrate you as much as the workflow on the iPad (once you get used to it) will delight you.

Update: Lvl99 has added some great tutorials on their site.

Name Generator Resources

Over on the resources page I just added some files for name generators.  They are not themselves name generators, merely name lists to be used in your generator of choice.

I lifted ALL the names from the last US Census and put them into TXT files for use in any name generators.  They are currently formatted for DMtoolkit.  If you plan to use them for DMtoolkit, you only need to drop the files into the App through iTunes and load them - they are already *.key format.  If you want to use them in another generator, just rename them to *.txt and format however your gen wants.

-Happy Gaming

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Site

Let's Get Started.

Ok, this space will probably work as well as the old site (hopefully better).  I'm working to get all my GM worksheets up in the Resources section.  Currently, those files are all that is up there - I'm working on new content before I start moving all the old content over.

Oh, you've never been here before?  Well, I use this space to share files on GMing, thoughts on GMing, and reviews of PC & Console games that go far beyond the scope of sites like IGN or Gamespot.  If I review a video game, it is because that game has some form of artistic merit, or troubling element that I believe needs closer examination.  Yes, I do this for fun in my spare time, I'm a PhD student currently avoiding working on my Dissertation.