Monday, April 9, 2012

Dicenomicon Review: Digital Dice?


Dicenomicon is a physics based dice roller app for the iPad & iPhone. I believe it's
Universal (one purchase works for both versions, always a sign of a quality company).
The cost fluctuates, but tends to sit around 5 bucks. I will mostly focus on the iPad
version, although both are pretty much identical. The only real difference is the interface
is a bit condensed on the iPhone. It takes a few more taps to get where you are going,
but it really doesn't hurt the user experience - most of the focus is still on the dice
themselves and the most screen real estate is given to that.

There are other visual dice rollers out there, but, in my experience, none have even half
the capability of Dicenomicon. I've heard of non-visual rollers that have the same power,
but if I'm going to use a roller, I want to closest possible experience to actually rolling
dice. Technology should simplify, not completely alter an experience.

UPDATE: Looks like they are working on an OSx version - that is fantastic. According to their forum, it will be able to import "Game Rooms" from the iOS device to the OSx machine.

UPDATE 2: Got a message from the developer, they are working on Local Sharing and other forms of distributing your custom content.