Resources for GMs

 These are all worksheets, etc. that are designed to make a GMs life easier.  They are all non-system specific.  You will need Adobe Reader in order to view these documents - I recommend the newest version, as Adobe Form Fields can display weird in other PDF readers (and Layers go crazy in old versions).  If the links ever go down, just wait a bit - it means the DropBox link got overloaded.

Worksheets for Creating & Structuring Story Arcs

Mystery/Investigation Worksheets
(Sometimes putting together a mystery or investigation can get really complicated.  This worksheet should streamline the process for experienced GMs and/or get the ball rolling for new GMs)

Interactive PDFs for Modern Campaigns

Printable Email Template
(For making in game props of emails characters receive)

Printable Old-school TXT/SMS Template
(For in game props of TXTs a character might receive)

Printable Instant Message/SmartPhone SMS Template
(For in game props of intercepted conversations, etc.)

Printable Telegram Template
(For in game props of Telegrams)

Name Generator Files

I lifted all the names from the last US Census and put them into TXT files for use in any name generators.  They are currently formatted for DMtoolkit.  If you plan to use them for DMtoolkit, you only need to drop the files into the App through iTunes and load them - they are already *.key format.  If you want to use them in another generator, just rename them to *.txt and format however your gen wants.

Male Names (Over 1200 Male First Names & Over 75,000 Last Names)

Female Names ( Over 4200 Female First Names & Over 75,000 Last Names)