Song of Blades & Heroes Stuff

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Blight:  A Post-Apocalyptic Campaign Setting for SBH

If you want a story setting that is a ruined midevil city, and some new rules around building bases and invading them, look no further than here:

Blight V 2.6

Refereed Scenario Design Templates

A refereed scenario is one where a 3rd player designs and facilitates the scenario for two other players.  It is an effective combination of wargaming and story driven play.

Fear and Faith:

Flying Lead:


Refereed Scenario Generator

Need ideas for your refereed scenario?  Roll up a vague but evocative plot idea on this chart:

Ref Scen Gen

SBH Event Cards

Current Version:  Event Cards 1.2

 Warhammer Skirmish to SBH Conversion Project

I've been converting old Games Workshop scenarios to Song of Blades and Heroes. 
Here is 78 new scenarios for your SBH games:

Current: Download V1.4_WHFB&Mordheim_2_SBH

  Download V0.5_WHFB 2 SBH

Download V0.1_WHFB 2 SBH

Download V0.2 WHFB 2 SBH

I will be updating this file often. 

Refereed Scenario Design Sheet

I'm a big advocate for Refereed scenarios in skirmish games.  Here is a little sheet to use when making them.  It may be familiar for you old folks who played original Rogue Trader 40k, but it works well for any skirmish game.  It's currently labeled for SBH, but don't be fooled.

Download V0.8

Warhammer Skirmish Complete

One of Games Workshop’s best ideas ever was to make a scenario driven skirmish game out of WHFB.
 Too bad they decided not to support it.

They had an amazing database of scenerios on their website.
Too bad they decided to take it down.  

They also removed the rules from the rule book.
Games Workshop all but denies this little stroke of brilliance even happened.
Luckily, I saved the entire database and rulebook off their site before it disapeared.
Included is the Skirmish rule book, and almost 80 scenerios.
They later decided to release a game called “Warbands.”
It was atleast as good as Skirmish.
Too bad they decided to not support it.
Warbands rules are also included.

Download the 230 Page Monster.