The Fantasy Trip: Re-Mastered

For well over a year now, I have been painstakingly pulling the text from original copies of "The Fantasy Trip" and reformatting it with the modern conventions of game book layout.  If you don't know what The Fantasy Trip is, head over to Wikipedia to read up a bit on the game that made GURPS happen.

This is both an amazing miniatures wargame and a great dungeon crawling RPG.  The only problem is, it is super out of date.  Hell, this game predates the standardization of writing "2d-2" to reference rolling 2 dice and subtracting 2 from the result.  It is barely more than hand drawn diagrams and type writer pages.

So I went cleaned up the text (nothing added, just updated to the standards of game books today, with clearer examples) and redrew the diagrams in Illustrator so they are much clearer in their presentation of game mechanics.

All original artwork is present (although scanned and digitally cleaned up) and adds amazing flavor to the game - we don't make game book art like this anymore.

Keep in mind this only the first version release, there will be some typos and some small formatting errors.

Please rediscover this old classic:

The Fantasy Trip Remastered
Character Sheets and Tokens Remastered

Note:  I do not claim ownership over any of the material presented.  It is all hopelessly out of print and nearly worthless in its original state.  I am merely preserving and making it accessible to a new generation.  If I receive a request to take this down, I gladly will.

Coming soon will be the adventure books for The Fantasy Trip.